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Kansas City Missouri United States 16 projects

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Nicole Renee's Projects

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Bokeh Lens

Make your own bokeh lens to take amazing photos.

♥ 61
Cat Hooded Scarf

A hooded scarf with cat ears, a faux fur hood and mitten pockets.

♥ 174
Union Jack Tapestry Cushion

Stitch a cushion fit the Queen!

♥ 48
Moustache Necklace

Cute accessory or a cunning disguise?

♥ 34
Paper Cut Eyelashes

Create some intricate paper eyelashes using the Cricut.

♥ 125
Etched Jars

Make your own Cricut stencils to etch customised jars!

♥ 28
Pearly Sunglasses

Heart-shaped pearl framed sunglasses.

♥ 87
Belt Bracelets

Give old belts a new life! Wear them on your wrist!

♥ 206
Angry Birds Whoopie Pies

The popular bird throwing game is now in edible 3D!

♥ 34
Rainbow Checkered Makeup


♥ 135
Polaroid Phone Case

Keep you iPhone cosy and cute with a polaroid camera style case.

♥ 299
Companion Cube Hat

Celebrating Portal 2!

♥ 20
~Rainbow Zebra Nail Design~

A Sassy Look For You!! =D

♥ 229
Cut Here Bracelet

In need of an emergency wrist amputation...?

♥ 739
Crunchy Oat Cereal

really crunchy and very tasty

♥ 54
Reconstruct Tank&Tee To Sassy Dress

Sew a dress from an old tank and oversized tee

♥ 411
Shirt Into Laptop Snuggle

♥ 2
Pencil Cup Made Of Colored Pencils :D

Store your pencils inside your pencils :)

♥ 3
Victorian Inspired Cameo Pendant Tutorial

Fall in love with an antique style jewelry made by you!

♥ 41
Zombie Stencil Shirt

♥ 1
Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes!

Delicious cupcakes make with oreos!!!

♥ 59
Sweeney Todd's Surprise

Bake some gruesome cupcakes with Lily Vanilli.

♥ 88
No Sew Shirt!

how to tie a long sleece shirt into a cute tube top

♥ 1040
Birdie Cookies

Poured sugar icing and some birdie cookies.

♥ 154
Make Beads On Your Earpiece.

Colourful way to decorate your earphones.

♥ 555
 Leopard Nail Painting Tutorial

Easy nail art :)

♥ 416
Button Headband

Sew a Button Headband {Tutorial}

♥ 122

♥ 29
Every Day Minimal Make Up

Every-Day Minimal Make-up by xBextahx

♥ 16
Zombie Apocalypse Mirror Project


♥ 42
Music Nails

(Based On Brianna S.'S Book Nails) Http://Www.Cutoutandkeep.Net/Projects/Book Nails

♥ 40
Studded Headband

everyone can be a stud

♥ 56
Zombie Necklace

♥ 8
Teabag Plush Bookmark

♥ 39
Personalized Mug

Warm cup of tea ^_^

♥ 42
French Toast Cupcakes

They really do taste like the French toast they are named after.

♥ 375
Lace Back Tank

revamp an old tank

♥ 397
Easy Yarn Headband

a fast, simple & cute headband (no crocheting or knitting)

♥ 15
Dress Made From Man's Shirt

A really easy and cheap dress to make.

♥ 184
Plain To Jane

See what superglue can do for you!

♥ 5
Goth Doll Make Up

Goth Doll Make-up Tutorial

♥ 29
Shiny Coca Cola Top

Show your cola love with this glittery red top! :]

♥ 13
Disco Eyes

♥ 16
Sunset Inspired Eyeshadow

♥ 39
80s Rainbow Leopard Make Up

80s Rainbow Leopard Make-up Tutorial

♥ 25
Candy Floss Carnival Top

A wrap over top with a tied waist and twisted straps.

♥ 437
Fluffy Bootcovers

fluffy bootcovers

♥ 81
Chiffon Top

Flowy and comfy

♥ 40
Old T Shirt/ New T Shirt!

Transform a old boring t-shirt into a new!

♥ 25
No Sew Leggings/Legwarmers From A T Shirt

a cutesy punky kinda project [:

♥ 166

make your own monster

♥ 157
Make Do And Mend Resin Bangle.

Make Do and Mend yourself a cute bangle!

♥ 63
Hello Kitty Nails

hello kitty nails

♥ 7

Why have human ears when you can have bunny ears :D

♥ 52
Crocheted Bra Purse

Cute to make in any color!

♥ 32
Harry Potter Wands

...because you need them in Hogwarts

♥ 63
Duct Tape Hoop Earings

Super Cute and stylish

♥ 17
"Fake" Wedding Dress

Inexpensive way to "fake" embroidery and beading - especially for props and costumes

♥ 186
DIY New 80s Punk Jacket

Revamp a punky leather jacket.

♥ 219
 Sugarpill Cosmetics Burning Heart Make Up

Sugarpill Cosmetics Burning Heart Tutorial

♥ 29
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