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New York NY 1 project

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Butterfly Hair Pins

♥ 13
Diy Elastic Shoelaces

Get the look of laces + the ease of a slip-on!

♥ 13
Bauble Wreath

Easy Peasy project that you will have done in 15 minutes!

♥ 30
Bff Necklace

save the $100 from this designer necklace, and make it yourself!

♥ 239
Scalloped Hem

Create a fun scalloped hem on just about anything!

♥ 129
Marc Jacobs Inspired Star Hair Clips

a designer diy for some seriously cool hair clips

♥ 74
Fishtail Braid

Braid a fishtail with your hair.

♥ 151
Galaxy Leggings

galaxy print leggings :)

♥ 726
Lanyard Double Chain Bracelet

Lanyard bracelets. The grown up version!

♥ 489
Satin Flowers

a beautiful flower!!

♥ 47
Diy Anthropologie's "Perched Harmonies" Necklace

why pay $68 when you can make one for cheap?

♥ 397
Embellished Wrap Bracelets


♥ 442
Batman Hairclip

Show you Batpride by making and wearing a cheap and easy hairclip

♥ 26
Mad Hatter Hats

If you’ve a wedding, garden, mad or fancy dress party to attend, one of these hats is sure to get you noticed.

♥ 256
Studded Trench Coat

An inexpensive DIY version of Burberry's studded jackets.

♥ 179
Hello Kitty Satin Bow

♥ 12
Melted Crayon Art

go crayola go!

♥ 605
Book Mark

Something sparkly to keep your page!

♥ 645
Cupcake Bites :D

A New Yummy Kind Of Cupcake

♥ 502
Easy Cake Pops

♥ 6
Thumbtack Jewelry

Custom Fashion Jewelry Based On Office Supplies

♥ 438
Rainbow Roses

Create your own rainbow roses!

♥ 1140
Newspaper Nails

the daily news at your fingertips!!

♥ 460
Plastic Spoon Rose Pendant

Make your own rose pendant or brooch

♥ 2059

cute owls simple version

♥ 1064
Woven Black Ribbon Chain Earrings

Equal parts hard and soft, these earrings go great with everything - especially black!

♥ 91
Black Sequin Bow Belt

Gossip Girl-style Black Sequin Bow Belt

♥ 147
Boy's Shirt To Girl's Shirt

With puffy sleeves

♥ 366
Rick Rack Rings

Make some Rick Rack Rings in minutes with this tutorial!

♥ 793
Re Make Ruffle T Shirt

Makeover T-shirt, Re-fashion, sewing

♥ 181
Birdie Cookies

Poured sugar icing and some birdie cookies.

♥ 154
 Leopard Nail Painting Tutorial

Easy nail art :)

♥ 416
Button Headband

Sew a Button Headband {Tutorial}

♥ 122
Easy Cake Pops

Easy Cake Pop Recipe

♥ 1047
Scrunch Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband

Scrunch Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband Tutorial

♥ 301
Lace Back Tank

revamp an old tank

♥ 397
T Shirt To Cardigan

This is my very first time with the sewing machine:=)

♥ 451
Batman! Comic Book Flats.

Inspired from another how-to on this site.

♥ 1160
Abstract Pink Purple Nail Art

Abstract Pink Purple Nail Art Tutorial

♥ 37
 Water Marbled Nail

Water Marbled Nail Tutorial

♥ 136
Crocheted Scrunchie

The Crocheted Scrunchie Tutorial

♥ 87
D.I.Y Stud Boots

This d.i.y is super easy and can make a normal staple in your closet a hell of a lot more fun.

♥ 242
Bride And Groom Oreo Cookies

What are you gonna make today?

♥ 87
Knitting 101

A beginners video tutorial for learning how-to knit.

♥ 149
5 Petal Faric Flower

Fabric Flower Tutorial : 5-Petal Flower

♥ 109
Kanzashi Headband

♥ 14
Ribbon Shoelaces

Très chic!

♥ 31
Crochet Flower Earwarmer

Stay warm in style!

♥ 124
Brand New Boots

your favorit boots are boring?make them look as new ones!

♥ 124
Easy Vintage Headband

Crochet flowers with pearl beads

♥ 39
Classic Scarf

A simple twist turns the basic scarf vintage.

♥ 53
Cherry Blossom Bites

Recipe for cherry blossom bites fondant fancies.

♥ 546
Baby Yo Yo Headband

♥ 13
T Shirt Shrug

How romantic.

♥ 3799
Crochet Headbands

♥ 22
Tsumami Kanzashi Flower

adorable flowers

♥ 1315
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