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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
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paper mache 2liter faerie mask

my paper mache faerie mask. i made this just for fun. newspaper, glitter, light green nail polish as paint. i used a 2 liter plastic bottle for the wings, added ribbon, sequins, and beads for added detail.

sorry the picture quality is bad, my camera is crap. but i am still thank full i have one. a crappy one is better than nothing.
*edit* added a new main image. i got me a new camera for my birthday so i thought i would add a nicer image ^_^

i also have a black cat mask, a tiger mask, a demon mask, a greek mask, and a random abstract mask. one day i will make me a goblin mask,.

ooh yeah please ignore the time, i made the mask in stages, drying the paper mache took long. and while it was drying i worked on other projects. so i dont exactly know how long it took me ^_^



Glow In The Dark Halloween Face Mask

Glow In The Dark Halloween Face Mask

glow in the dark face mask

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Felt Bird Mask

Felt Bird Mask

Make a mask for Halloween or dress up - great for kids!

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Lace Eye Mask

Lace Eye Mask

Ideal for halloween, or masquarade party!

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Diy Lace Masquerade Mask Using Hot Glue

Diy Lace Masquerade Mask Using Hot Glue

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you!

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Lacey Masquerade Mask

Lacey Masquerade Mask

A form-fitting masquerade mask!

♥ 147
Bioshock Splicer Mask

Bioshock Splicer Mask


♥ 20



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