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Nice 'n' Simple

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Wuzz, Wuzz, Christmas Island
Square small coasters1kloh3
Square small fblv9
Square small teawallet1uv5
Square small baerli1vc7
Fabric show-off ;)

I was inspired by Cat Morley's Fabric Brochure! Thanks for the great idea!!

I didn't used her pdfs because they offered to much info for me :) I know my stash inside out - even how much I have paid for most of my fabrics hehe ... sad? Maybe. Amount of fabrics is not relevant for me, it shrinks too fast - i would have to erase a lot!

The ring binder I have used is made for bank statements, which was the perfect size - I wanted to make small pages, so I can fill a lot of them ;) and take them with me easily too.

I've used a zigzag scissor, so the fabrics will not fringe!


Christmas Mini Album

Christmas Mini Album

Christmas Mini Album Tutorial

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Adventure Book   Up Pixar

Adventure Book Up Pixar

For everyone who wants to join this adventure

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Used Calendar Scrapbook

Used Calendar Scrapbook

Recycle, reuse last year's calendar to make a unique scrapbook or next year's calendar!

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Triple Pocket Mini Album

Triple Pocket Mini Album

Each page of this mini album has 3 pockets!

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"Conversation"   Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

"Conversation" Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

Combine a personal story with a work of art!

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Adventure Book (Up)

Adventure Book (Up)

The Adventure Book from Up

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