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So so
Yoga ball never "looked" so fun, How to paint a yoga ball to look like an eye for a lawn Halloween Decoration

Yup you read right. I turned my yoga ball into a giant eyeball for a Halloween decoration for my lawn. The two bowling ball ones needed something to look at. hehe
This is how I did it:




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  1. How to make a toy ball. Eye Yoga Ball - Step 1 1

    The yoga ball already had concentric circles on it so it was super easy to pick one and simply mask off a circle for the blue part of the eye. I then taped some newspaper to cover the yoga ball from over spray. I used blue spray paint that I had in my stash but if you are going out to buy paint specifically for this project you probably want to get something that says it works on plastic or a primer. The blue was standard Krylon Interior/exterior and the black was Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Multi-purpose paint.

  2. How to make a toy ball. Eye Yoga Ball - Step 2 2

    Here it is all painted.

  3. How to make a toy ball. Eye Yoga Ball - Step 3 3

    I then repeated the process for the black center part of the eye.

    I am keeping my "eye" out for another yoga ball so I can make a pair.

    OK off to get the old Halloween decorations out and make some more new ones!

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