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About this project

the first thing i ever embroidered...i was over ambitious -_-'

Well one night, on a whim, I decided "you know what, I'm going to learn embroidery like in the old fashioned films"...Easier said than done. Because I wouldn't wait until morning to go buy the embroidery hoop, I improvised by holding fabric to a bottomless cake tin using elastic XD
I've since bought the hoop but still use normal thread rather than embroidery thread and whatever fabric I can get my hands on rather than the special embroidery stuff I'm supposed to use >_< I don't even know lot about it, and can't tell you what stitching technique I used...I'm clueless -_-'
But I hope to learn so I can seem less ignorant :P
(sorry for the poor quality pictures >_<)

The rose pattern I used is not my own, I found it online via google images (see the link below)



Labor Of Love

Labor Of Love

A Years Work

♥ 8
Zombie Stitch

Zombie Stitch

Zombies are after 1 thing...

♥ 5
Stump Work Flower N Leaf

Stump Work Flower N Leaf

I like doing raised embroidery

♥ 3
How To Finish An Embroidery Hoop

How To Finish An Embroidery Hoop

Learn a quick and easy way to finish an embroidery hoop.

♥ 10
Mixtape Mon Amour X Stitch

Mixtape Mon Amour X Stitch

Mixtapes = love. A

♥ 4
Sly Cat

Sly Cat

One color thread. One embroidery stitch. Sooooo easy.

♥ 6



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