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Australia, Australia
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Felt Elephant Made with love

i found this pattern in an old women's weekly magazine
i made mine with felt but feel free to use
this is the way i made it kinda doing it my own way and not really using the steps in the mag




  1. How to make an elephant plushie. Ellie The Elephant - Step 1 1

    Save Picture and print out as is or make bigger and cut out pattern

  2. 2

    cut out 2 of the elephants , 1 tail and 2 ears if using felt like i did

  3. 3

    Sew on eyes(beads) and Ears to each side of elephants

    sew tail together how ever you want (mine didn't really work out that well!) and stuff making sure you can sew it into the rump area!

  4. 4

    sew sides of elephant together using a running stich right way around! NOT inside out!
    Leave a gap around the rump area for stuffing

  5. 5

    Stuff with stuffing and sew close with the tail in the rump area

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