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Texas, , United States
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Pachyderm Pincushion

I made this pincushion out of felt. I modified a pattern that I found for free online. The legs are filled with plastic bean bag beans to help weight it down. It's fairly large for a pincushion but, it's great if you've got tons of pins. I used colorful ball head straight pins to embellish it. Thanks for looking.



Mushroom Pin Cushion

Mushroom Pin Cushion

A cute and practical mushroom pin cushion made from a single sock and scrap fabric.

♥ 42
Super Cute Owl Pin Cushion

Super Cute Owl Pin Cushion

cute,owl,pin cushion,pink,felt,plushie,crochet,yarn,rose,stuffie,blanket stitch,adorable,precious,bird

♥ 149
Heart Shaped Pin Cushion

Heart Shaped Pin Cushion

Quick, reversible pin cushion

♥ 18
Chicken Pin Cushions

Chicken Pin Cushions

Really cool little chickens you can use as pin cushions, make in any size!

♥ 34
Diy Pin Cushion

Diy Pin Cushion

In need of a new pin cushion? This is easy and super cute!

♥ 17
Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion

French Country Chic

♥ 24



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