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Mixed Media Assemblage

This Edgar Allan Poe Mixed Media Assemblage Piece was created from three wooden pieces that I painted black (block, spool, game piece). The Poe image and the word "Nevermore" are digital stamps from Smeared Ink. The wings are stamped with a rubber stamp from a Tim Holtz collection. The sculpture measures 7.25" by 4.5".

Once I had my bust, wings and crown collaged the way I liked them, I laminated the paper to increase durability and moisture resistance. I embellished the crown with black and red rhinestones and a piece of lace that I painted black. I also tied a piece of ribbon yarn around Poe's neck. I used double stick tape to adhere the laminated bust to the game piece.

The spool in the middle has a page torn from a worn and aged Poe paperback. It is decoupaged to the spool with Mod Podge and then varnished. I wrapped some funky black eyelash yarn around that to give the piece some texture.

The base block has book covers and illustrations from Poe's work. They have been decoupaged on and then varnished. The word "Nevermore" was also decoupaged and then varnished onto a block. I used some purple chalk on the added EAP quote and the word "Nevermore".

You could use this same concept to create an assemblage piece of your own. Change up the types and sizes of blocks you use, choose any image that appeals to you and use the embellishments you have on hand. The possibilities are limitless.

Here's The Venus!

Here's The Venus!

This is a very impressive looking Origami Kusudama

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Skyrim Knapsack With Potions, And Recipes

Skyrim Knapsack With Potions, And Recipes

All set to go out adventuring!

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Drinking Straw Star

Drinking Straw Star

Pretty Star =)

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Lollipop Easter Bunnies

Lollipop Easter Bunnies

Adorable, chubby bodied candy bunnies.

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Pocket Galaxies

Pocket Galaxies

Nail polish galaxies painted on the back of glass floral pebbles

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Completed Fall Mandala Project

Completed Fall Mandala Project

Fall Mandala's that mean something to ME...

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