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Nice 'n' Simple

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Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MX
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My boyfriend was a hit with them =D.

I was in a hurry for having a pair of these, but they were really expensive in here and actually, not that well done, so I made some myself. Hope this is useful for you =D




You Will Need


  1. How to make a boot. Easy Pirate Boots - Step 1 1

    Make a pattern accoording to the measures you need, you'll need two patterns for each boot. The bottom measure is the size of your shoe plus 2cms. The height of the foot depends of the height of your ankle. Measure your ankle and cut it in two. Measure your calf through the wider part of it and cut it in half. The height of your boot is up to you, if you need them to reach your knee, measure the height from the floor to your knee. RECOMENDATION: Make them under your knee!!

  2. 2

    Once you have your four patterns, stitch left and right pattern for each boot.

  3. How to make a boot. Easy Pirate Boots - Step 3 3

    Stitch some elastic to the bottom of your boots, this will give it form and prevents that the front corner of the boot raises to the wrong place

  4. How to make a boot. Easy Pirate Boots - Step 4 4

    Measure the upper part of your boot, add 2 cms and make a rectangle that wide. The height depends on how thick you want them, I did mine of 7 cms and you'll need 4 of them.

  5. How to make a boot. Easy Pirate Boots - Step 5 5

    Stitch the rectangles to each side of the boots from behind and stitch the corner that goes in front and you are done=D!!

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