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Great for gift giving!

I made this no-sew fleece lap blanket for my Grandma to keep her warm while she watches TV.

This is similar to fabric and fleece blanket I made for my cousin's baby, but this one doesn't require any sewing; you just have to be able to cut fabric and ties knots.

It cost a little under $10 to make (I normally do not go into fabric stores, my Mom does - she said many stores have half price on their fleece right now).
Mom did make me go with her to choose the fabric on this because it was for Grandma and it was a no-brainer because Grandma loves frogs.

This is also a good project to do while watching TV and you can get most, if not all, depending on how fast you can tie, by the end of movie.

All you need is 1 yd of 60 inch fleece for the front and 1 yd 60 inch fleece for the back.

Lay the two piece together with the wrong side of the fabric butted up against each other and the right, or the pretty sides, away from each other and up.

You cut into the fabric through both layers and to keep the strips all about the same length, you can draw how far in you want to cut on a popsicle stick, then lay the stick on the fabric and use it as a guide.

I am not sure in inches how far in on this blanket, but it was about an inch from the top of a popsicle stick was over the edge, then just cut down the fabric to the end of the stick (doesn't have to be perfect, just close in size).

Once you cut all around the edge of the blanket, then tie the strips from each side of the blanket together in a knot all the way around until you are done.


Fleece N Fabric Blanket

Fleece N Fabric Blanket


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♥ Hello Kitty Comfort Blankie ♥

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Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket

A comfertable soft easy to make blanket

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No Sew Fleece Tie Blanket From A Kit

No Sew Fleece Tie Blanket From A Kit

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Fleece Tied Blanket

Fleece Tied Blanket

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Diy Wool Swiss Army Blanket

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