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Nice 'n' Simple

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Monterey, California, US
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Square small ultimate holiday smores 004b 1292118630
Square small hedgehog pincushion 004a 1291659262
A fun look for Spring and Summer :)

I was inspired to make this piece when I saw a friend of mine had something similar. I had this shirt that I LOVED but I spilled some sauce on it and left a stain on the front of it. I bought a new one, but kept the old one for crafting. And finally found something to do with it! I don't recommend you wear it with a long sleeved shirt (like I am in the pictures) it was just really cold here, lol. I hope you like :)



  1. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 1 1

    (Click on the photo to enlarge and see the steps)
    So the first thing you need to do is lay out your Tshirt. Depending on the design on the front (if there is one or not) these steps may be different. For mine though, I measured from A to B and made sure that it was the same size as the like from C to D. You want them to be around the same size.

  2. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 2 2

    Now cut from A to be through both sides of the T-shirt. Cut lines C to D and E to F only on the front side of the T-shirt and around the back of the neck.

  3. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 3 3

    From cutting out the square you should have a piece that looks like this. I'm saving mine as a bib for a baby but you can do whatever you want to with it :)

  4. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 4 4

    I'm sorry I don't have pictures for this step, but hopefully you can follow along without me drawing it out for you. If you have any problems, feel free to ask.

    Now you want to take a seam ripper or scissors and cut the seams from A to A' and B to B'. I kept my seams and only tore out the original sewing because I needed more fabric, but you can do whatever works for your project.

  5. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 5 5

    Again, I'm not the best at illustrating, but this step is easy!
    Put right sides of A-B of one half of the bottom of the T-shirt to line C-D. Sew along that line. Do the same for the other piece of the bottom of the shirt and line E-F.

  6. How to make a cardigan. Draped Cardigan - Step 6 6

    And Voila! You're done :) (it should look like this)

    I did a top stitch across these parts and around the back of the neck, but it would look fine either way.

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