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Nice 'n' Simple

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NYC, NY, United States
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How bout an easy color-splash fashion accessory?

I tried my hand at going eco-green and recon'd an old Tshirt into this dyed n' braided fabric necklace.

So fun! I can't decide how I like to wear it best.

Oh, and want to give a shout out to OOLAMOOLA that posted a super cool tutorial for a braided necklace that inspired me to make my own. It's a very nifty site, worth a gander, friends!



  1. How to braid a necklace. Dyed N' Braided Necklace - Step 1 1

    Start with cutting off the bottom hem of your shirt, then cut nine 1" wide strip loops. This shirt had side seams but it's better if the shirt is a continuous knit without seams.

  2. How to braid a necklace. Dyed N' Braided Necklace - Step 2 2

    Here's some of the stages:

    1- Open the loops on one side. I staggered this spot so those awkward side seams would land in different spots of the necklace. Then I slid beads onto the fabric strips to cover the seam bulk.

    2- Knot the strips in a few places.

    3-Bind with rubber bands in a few more places.

    4-I dyed it first with 1/2 bottle RIT tangerine dye mixed in 1 gallon of very hot 140º water for about 15 min. If the tap water's not hot enough, just heat some in the tea kettle or microwave.

    5-Then the knots and rubber bands are removed.

    6-Next, mix 2Tbsp of RIT Rose Pink in an additional gallon of hot water and immerse the fabric strips for about 5 minutes.

  3. How to braid a necklace. Dyed N' Braided Necklace - Step 3 3

    After removing from the dye bath, rinse until the water runs clear and hang dry.

    OK, ready for assembly!
    Hold the ends of the 9 strips together with a clamp or tape and start braiding 3 strips at a time the entire length.

  4. How to braid a necklace. Dyed N' Braided Necklace - Step 4 4

    Stitch the ends with a moderately tight stitch back and forth. At this point, I was planning to cut the fringe off and attach a ribbon tie but decided the fringe was kinda fun so I'm working it for now.

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