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Pretty Easy

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NYC, NY, United States
Square small itajime sundress with belt 1283458690
Square small orange batik top 1277738072
Square small turquoise dye painted dress flowers 1277737300
Square small edie twisted rope scarf 1277821987
A pop of color for my new winter hat!

I love finding a use for every last scrap of fabric in my project pile. Here's a bit of dyed wool leftover from a recon'd sweater creation.
Now it's a happy little rose on my bowler of choice this season!

With all due thanks, I based my flower on June Pfaff Daley's sweet sweater rosettes tutorial.
Be sure to take a peek cause her flowers are truly adorable!



  1. How to make a rosette.  Dyed Wool Flower Pin - Step 1 1

    So here's how I made my version:
    I had dyed some deconstructed wool sweater parts last winter and had some scraps. Wool is actually easy to dye. I used RIT Scarlet dye on a light grey wool sweater.
    Now, to make the flower I started with cutting out a spiral.

  2. How to make a rosette.  Dyed Wool Flower Pin - Step 2 2

    The next step is to just curl the spiral around itself into a cute little rose.

  3. How to make a rosette.  Dyed Wool Flower Pin - Step 3 3

    Then I stitched up the back to hold the shape using a whip stitch. The leaves were just wool scrap folded over, pinched and sewn on.
    The pinback was simply glued on with tacky glue.
    And there you have it!
    Super simple, right?

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