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Old shoes renewed, duct tape style!

Well, I had this old pair of shoes laying around the house. (I'm sure you all know how that is. =p) I decided to do something to liven them up a little bit and had some duct tape handy! Woo!
The duct tape also acts as an reinforcement. The last photo is a before shot and, as you can see, the heels were is pretty rough shape. Overall, I'm quite proud of how these turned out and can't wait to wear them around!


Diy Shoe Redesign

Diy Shoe Redesign

You might have a pair of blah shoes. Why not give them a makeover?

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Glitterize Your Shoes!

Glitterize Your Shoes!

"Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins." -Paris Hilton

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Batman Shoes

Batman Shoes

"Hey! Are you wearing Batman shoes?" "Heck yes I am!!"

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Diy Rope Heels

Diy Rope Heels

Cute rope attachments for strappy heels

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Sailor Inspired Shoe Redo

Sailor Inspired Shoe Redo

Upcycled shoes found at a thrift store

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Octo Canvas Heels

Octo Canvas Heels

For when 18 feet are better than 2~

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