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Pretty Easy

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Forks, Washington, United States
Small bella 1314297990
Small clip ii 1313707093
Small full cell phone i 1312915457
Small full ds 1312841831
Sorry that my Dsi isn't in the picture... I had to use it to take the pics =)

Pretty much what you do is crochet a long chain; I think I did like 18 or something. I used double crochet. Make it kinda long and fold it in half and sew it. Turn it inside out and you have a Ds\Dsi holder.



Lolitafied Ds

Lolitafied Ds

My DS was reaaaally ugly so I kinna decorated it

♥ 0
Pokeball Ds Lite Case

Pokeball Ds Lite Case

To store the beloved nintendo

♥ 5
Sunny Turtle Ds Case

Sunny Turtle Ds Case

Cute fun and easy case for your DS in 5 simple steps

♥ 7
Pocky Ds Lite Case

Pocky Ds Lite Case

Pocky! Pocky! Pocky!

♥ 62
Nintendo Ds Case

Nintendo Ds Case

Nintendo DS Hugs case

♥ 60
Ds Case

Ds Case

Cute and easy to make

♥ 11



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