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Pretty Easy

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Lodi, California, US
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if u dnt like the hard headbands a bandana works wonders as well!! :3

I saw this by Psychara Nd i thought this was cool as didnt take me too long so make and i revamped it 2 times. I have a mix of single and double ended dreads. They are awsome!!!

PS you can use anything u want, wool dreads, cyberlocks, and yarn if you want.


Yarn Wrap Hair Falls

Yarn Wrap Hair Falls

Dread locks with a Rag doll Twist

♥ 136


This is a super easy way to make affordable amazing dreads!! AND how to put them in!

♥ 268
Wiglet/Hair Topper

Wiglet/Hair Topper

Create your own clip in wig topper for a splash of color, extra poof, or to cover thinning hair!

♥ 26
Installing Double Ended Dreads (Two Ways)

Installing Double Ended Dreads (Two Ways)

Dreads galore!

♥ 117
Making Rasta At Home

Making Rasta At Home

dreadlocks at home - get fun with your hairs

♥ 42
Crochet Synthetic Dreads

Crochet Synthetic Dreads

My way of making natural crochet style synthetic dreads

♥ 57



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