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Pretty Easy

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Belmont, North Carolina, NC, US
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Cute and easy boots for your dog

I have a shihtzu and my mom is growing her hair out really long. But anyway, I took her on a walk this morning and her feet got soo nasty. After I bathed her yesterday too :| So I decided that I was making her boots.

And it's really easy! Going ahead to apologize for these pictures. I don't know why they came out so bad!




  1. How to make pet clothes. Dog Booties! - Step 1 1

    Alright so you can use one shirt or two. I used two, one black and one white. I used the white for the inside.

    But you want to measure around your dogs feet. Gidget need 2.5" around her legs and 4" for the length.

    To make it easy, just cut make a rectangle with the length and width like I did. And do that again if you want them to be thick.

  2. How to make pet clothes. Dog Booties! - Step 2 2

    After you've cut your rectangles out, you want to line them up like so.

  3. How to make pet clothes. Dog Booties! - Step 3 3

    But the black pieces back to back sort of like a sandwich. Then pin along the sides and sew.

  4. 4

    This is the most challenging part. I don't really measure much because I find if I do, it comes out looking botched.

    But once you've sewn the sides up, sort of make a pipe out of it. Then take a square piece of fabric and just sort of lay it on top of one end of the "pipe". You want to sew a circle out of that square. Then once you've done that, cut around the corners.

  5. 5

    Turn it inside out and fold in the edge of the other end and sew that up too. This is now you're little booty for your dog. But to ensure that it doesn't just slide off, you want to add elastic or velcro.

    I used elastic. Then you want to stitch the end of your elastic band to one half of the shoe.

    Then you should cut the elastic off, just leaving a little strip. Then stitch the end piece of that elastic to the other half the shoe.

  6. How to make pet clothes. Dog Booties! - Step 6 6

    They should now look something like this:

  7. How to make pet clothes. Dog Booties! - Step 7 7

    Now slip them on your dog and let her/him wear 'em around!

    I hope this wasn't confusing! I'm such a better person at explaining in person... It's a shame. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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