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Cincinnati, Ohio, US
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I wanted a Doctor Who pumpkin. . . welp here it is! what do ya think?!?!

This was a little tricky of course cuz i didn't have a pattern and i had to figure out how to put the doctor and the TARDIS on and not have it cave in and what not but i was determined to make a doctor who pumpkin. I really thought i would fail drastically and ruin my poor pumpkin but i was quite happy with my results so i had to post it :D


Amigurumi Pumpkin

Amigurumi Pumpkin


♥ 13
Twinkle Light Pumpkin/ Jack O' Lantern.

Twinkle Light Pumpkin/ Jack O' Lantern.

Happy Hallowe'en!

♥ 31
Disney Pumpkin Carvings

Disney Pumpkin Carvings

Not your boring jack-o-lantern

♥ 2
Halloween Tangerine  Candle

Halloween Tangerine Candle

If you don't have pumpkins

♥ 26
Bumkins...Baby Pumpkins

Bumkins...Baby Pumpkins

fruity baby pumpkins

♥ 2
Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Simple instructions for carving a pumpkin.

♥ 9



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