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Cebu, Cebu, Philippines
Square small dsc 0850
Square small maxidress3
Square small dsc 9970
Square small dsc 8849
another thing-to-bag. you guys sick of my projects yet? :D

So somebody asked me to make this but unfortunately, she did not like it. I guess she did not understand that I would be SEWING the individual elements, therefore, the whole bag would be made of fabric and that the shape would be wholly revealed only when you put things in it. I sew, not paint. Oh well. It was fun making this. I apologize for the rant. And the obvious fact that my sewing powers are limited to makings bags shaped like other things.

The lens part is a pocket.



Dslr Camera Bag

Dslr Camera Bag

A simple bag for a DSLR camera.

♥ 3
Leather Camera Case

Leather Camera Case

For my little pink Canon IXUS named Suki

♥ 2
Stripey Camera Case

Stripey Camera Case

cute case to protect your camera

♥ 1
Knitted Camera

Knitted Camera

yarn holder shaped like a SLR

♥ 0
Camera Case.. :)

Camera Case.. :)

camera pouch, camera case, storage

♥ 7
Leica Camera Bag

Leica Camera Bag

a leica camera bag, like the post title says

♥ 480



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