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Glendale, CA, CA, United States
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Revamped, sugar skull shoes.

I needed some awesome shoes to wear for The Day of the Dead (Nov.1 and 2). For those of you that don't know, it's not associated with Halloween. It's celibrated all over Mexico, Central, and South America to honor the dead and it is not a morbid holliday. Families get together in rememberance of those that have passed.


Doctor Who Shoes

Doctor Who Shoes

One shoe painted like the TARDIS and the other like the 11th Doctor's outfit :)

♥ 76
Salvador Dali Shoes

Salvador Dali Shoes

Fun Cute Artsy Shoes

♥ 12
Zentangle Flats

Zentangle Flats

no expectations - just let your creativity stroke at a time.

♥ 47
30 Seconds To Mars Logo Shoes

30 Seconds To Mars Logo Shoes

For my cousin Ally's christmas present

♥ 6
Diy R2 D2 Shoes

Diy R2 D2 Shoes

DIY R2D2 shoes.

♥ 39
Adventure Time Shoes

Adventure Time Shoes

Hand-painted and ALGEBRAIC!

♥ 177



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