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, Kansas, United States
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Day of the Dead Hairsticks to rock your do'

I usually paint Day of the Dead and leave it at home hanging on my wall, this time I decided to paint something I could actually wear.

I used wooden chopsticks, small skulls, paint, glaze, and super glue to create this look. If you don't have small skulls you could also use fimo just make sure you poke a hole for the chopstick before you bake it.



Lightsaber Hair Stick

Lightsaber Hair Stick

Mace Windu respectfully asks for his lightsaber back.

♥ 3
Hair Chopsticks

Hair Chopsticks

From your plate to your hair.

♥ 29
Celtic Hairstick

Celtic Hairstick

aluminum hairstick

♥ 16
Chop Sticks To Hair Sticks

Chop Sticks To Hair Sticks

Pretty hairsticks made from simple bamboo chopsticks

♥ 58
Chopsticks To Hair Sticks

Chopsticks To Hair Sticks

From take out to fabulous

♥ 15
Doctor Who Themed Hair Sticks

Doctor Who Themed Hair Sticks

Fez's are cool...Bow Ties are cool...the TARDIS is cool....Doctor Who is cool :D

♥ 4



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