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Devilish Cat Hat!
I Finished The Great Pillow Case Pattern From Here Today Quick And Simple And Great Directions.
Knitting, Hat, Devil Hat, Stitch n' Bitch, Alpaca Yarn

This is from the book "Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller made with Cascade Cloud 9 Alpaca. Soft and irresistible. A must pet hat. Great for Valentine's Day. When you want to be that lil devil in disguise.


Extract from

Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller

Published by Workman

Knitting is hot, with 4 million newcomers in the last few years joining a core group of 38,000,000 knitters nationwide. And these are primarily young, creative, connected chicks with sticks who are coming together in living rooms, knitting cafes, and chic yarn stores, and making everything from funky hats to bikinis.

In Stitch 'n Bitch, Debbie Stoller-founder of the first Stitch 'n Bitch knitting group in New York City-covers every aspect of knitting and the knitting-together lifestyle: the how-to, the when-to, the what-to, the why-to. Writing with wit and attitude (The Knitty-Gritty, Blocking for Blockheads), she explains the different types of needles and yarns (and sheep, too) and all the techniques from basic to fancy, knit to purl to cast-off. She also shares her special brand of corrective surgery for when things go wrong, and offers fun and informative sidebars on such topics as how to find the best yarn for less, how to make a buttonhole, knitting etiquette, and what tools to keep in your knitting bag. At the heart of the book are forty stylish patterns: Alien Scarf, Big Bad Baby Blanky, Mohair Hoodie, Kitty and Devil Hat, Cell Phone Cozy, and Wonder Woman Bikini. And for anyone interested: how to start a Stitch 'n Bitch group.

© 2015 Debbie Stoller / Workman · Reproduced with permission.
Zombie Hello Kitty Beanie

Zombie Hello Kitty Beanie

Get your zombie on!

♥ 40
Mlp Rainbow Dash Hat

Mlp Rainbow Dash Hat

A hat I made for a Brony friend of mine

♥ 17
Knitted Cat Hat

Knitted Cat Hat


♥ 546
The Easiest Kitty Hat You Will Ever Knit.

The Easiest Kitty Hat You Will Ever Knit.

Are you a begining knitter, but you want to make something super cute? Try this out!

♥ 119
Skippyjon Jones Siamese Cat Book Character Crochet Hat

Skippyjon Jones Siamese Cat Book Character Crochet Hat

Skippyjon Jones Siamese Cat Book Character Crochet Hat

♥ 2
No Knit Kitty Hat

No Knit Kitty Hat

No-Knit Kitty Hat

♥ 18


Pixie Havoc
Pixie Havoc · Bakersfield, California, US · 10 projects

so cute... i Have that book i really should give it a try.


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