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something new for ur guest's ;)

This is a recipe famous here in P.R and that My Grandma used to make when I was little,
be creative with the decoration look at the pics for inspiration and ideas...



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    Before we start.. I recommend that U use the Oreo brand cookies the flavor is perfect,if the cookies are at room temperature it would be easier to get the cream out with a butter knife or spoon :),U can save the cream and even add it to this recipe.... o and in the ingredients sec it's 3/4 cup sugar confection in case is not visible ;)

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    Ok to the recipe...
    In a microwave-safe medium bowl mix the instant pudding with light cream. Cook over high temperature (high) for 2-3 minutes and beat until u get a snow like consistency . Let cool.

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    Add whipped cream or Cool Whip in surrounding form. Mix cream cheese with sugar and melted butter until creamy. Add pudding mix in surrounding form.

  4. How to make a pudding. Dessert Tierrita (Postre Tierrita) Puerto Rican Dessert - Step 4 4

    Put in every pot a spoonful of crushed cookies. Pour the mixture into each pot and cover with the remaining crushed cookies. Decorate with artificial flowers. Leave in the refrigerator.
    > and now u have your tierrita dessert even if u don't like Cool Whip lol cause I know I don't and still love it :D

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cool want to try it out!!!PX


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