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Norway, Maine, US
Red Felted Basket
Tsumami Kanzashi Sunflower Brooches
Stitch Markers
Mile A Minute Scarf
As seen on One Pretty Thing! ;)

Many thanks to One Pretty Thing for featuring my project on their first Gifts for Guys list! :D

I made this for my dad one christmas. He had a set of wrenches in the cheap plastic casing they came in from the shop. The casing was falling apart and I knew I could do better!
It is simply pieces from two old jeans sewn together with a strong elastic band salvaged from a discarded back pack. The red seams really pop against the blue and black denim! That's his initials there - as if it could be confused with someone else's wrench casing... ;) I just eyeballed the spacing of the seams and tested as I did each one. The wrenches come out easily, but not so easily that they fall out on their own.

(Btw, if anyone has a better name for these things let me know! Because I have no idea, certainly not in English..)

Hook Holder

Hook Holder

Make your hook holder with fabric and crochet

♥ 6
Recycled Organizer

Recycled Organizer

recycled organizer with drawers

♥ 0
Cookie Tin Desk Organiser

Cookie Tin Desk Organiser

Desk organiser - Storage from cookie tins

♥ 3
Recycled Organizer 1

Recycled Organizer 1

recycled paper organizer

♥ 1
Case The Joint Craft Caddy

Case The Joint Craft Caddy

Pack a craft caddy to be prepared for any occasion!

♥ 80
Cute, Cozy Crochet Yarn Caddy

Cute, Cozy Crochet Yarn Caddy

recycle a cd canister lid into a cute croche cozy

♥ 46


kelly k.
kelly k.
I soo want one of these for myself

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