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Nice 'n' Simple

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Lithonia, GA, United States
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a cute sewing-aid or room decoration

i had a mannequin sitting around that i got for my 13th birthday that i haven't used in the last few years

its best to do this project outside because it can get messy



  1. 1

    start ripping stips of paper from an old magazine or newspaper
    (or you can cut out pictures and text boxes neatly for a diff look)

  2. 2

    mix together 2 parts water and 1 part flour in a big mixing bowl for the paste

  3. 3

    completely dip a strip of the paper in the mix and apply it to the mannequin (or any other object your using) repeat this until it is completely covered

    if you are using a jersey covered mannequin you must first remove all fabric and batting from the mannequinn

  4. 4

    let dry overnight

  5. 5

    once dry you may add extra layers

    if you choose not to and can see a white residue was left behind use a damp rag and gently wipedown the mannequin (or any other object you are using)

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