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Mechanicsville, VA, United States
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and their awesome customized coffin box, made by my mom :)

i was married Halloween 2007, and had found a pair of wine flutes on a website with a Day of the Dead bride and groom painted on them that i thought would be perfect for our wedding. i really wanted them, but for about $40, i said "nah". i'd told my mom about them, and a few weeks later she presented me with a coffin gift box. she had lined it with purple velvety fabric and made customized cubbie spots for my bride and groom wedding toast glasses that SHE PAINTED HERSELF!! she just got a set of wine glasses from wally world for about $5 or so, and painted them with enamel paint. i don't have a dishwasher, but for anyone who tries this, i wouldn't trust them in one- handwash them. also, for the project time i put up there- i have no idea how long it took her. she works long hours and did this in her spare time.
the website doesn't carry the glasses anymore, but they do have skeleton wedding toppers and still carry the coffin-shaped gift boxes (and so much more stuff!) it is <-- no 'g', got that? i also got a pair of toe-pincher-style coffin shaped garnet earrings to wear for my wedding from them. perfect!
anywho, i'm super happy with the results and it means so much more to me that my mom made all this for me :)



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