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U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
Ribbed Infinity Scarf With Twist
Spft Infinity Scarf
Chunky Green Stripe Scarf
Day Of The Dead Wedding Couple 2
Respect your pets BEFORE they die.

I painted this Day of the Dead painting of my two kitties. Koko & Kit-Kat...They are not dead yet, but I don't care!
This is the most detailed folk style painting I have done, still learning.
The skeletal structure was hard, cause I have never seen one so I tried to make it as accurate as I could. I really like the swirly border.


Butterfly Resin Art

Butterfly Resin Art

Use real twigs to make beautiful resin art!

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Awesome Craft

Awesome Craft

Cool craft you can do with your bffs or by yourself

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Rubbing Alcohol Resist

Rubbing Alcohol Resist

Use a Rubbing Alcohol Resist to Portray Poppy Seedheads

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How To Paint Wood Texture

How To Paint Wood Texture

a simple way to add the look of wood to your project

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Flower Abstract Using Pointillism

Flower Abstract Using Pointillism

Art inspired by a hail storm

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Coffee Painting Tutorial

Coffee Painting Tutorial

You wil not believe how coffee can make an excellent material of doing some fabulous paintings!

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Felecity W.
Felecity W. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 86 projects

Thanks Jonesy glad you like it! This one took me awhile mainly because I don't have a long attention span and worked on it a lil at a time.

jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects

that's some twisted awesomeness right there


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