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I was bored so I started to make my wonderful blouse

I was bored so I started my simple blouse
it is just two pieces of fabric sewn together until the half the other half are 2 knots and that is all my creation (:
if you want you can add a belt as I did


Diy Silk Scarf Summer Blouse

Diy Silk Scarf Summer Blouse

DIY Silk Scarf Blouse

♥ 8
Lolita Cutsew

Lolita Cutsew

make a recycled lolita cutsew which can be worn many different ways ^^

♥ 113
Easy Peasy Peplum

Easy Peasy Peplum

Transform a large tee into a chic peplum top

♥ 26
Easy 3 Steps To A 3 Way Shirt!

Easy 3 Steps To A 3 Way Shirt!

Make a very cute going out blouse that everyone will wonder where you got it from :D

♥ 100
Dramatic Blouse

Dramatic Blouse

Drama-fy your wardrobe!!!

♥ 327
Yoke Top

Yoke Top

With Back Neck Opening

♥ 4



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