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Based on Cute Arizona Can Wallet by Crafthazard

I loved it

Pocky Pencil Box

Pocky Pencil Box


♥ 44
Coin Purse

Coin Purse

what to do with the packaging after you have eaten all the cookies

♥ 6
Toms Flag Into Wallet

Toms Flag Into Wallet

A cute and simple wallet all in 10 easy steps!

♥ 5
A Whole New Life For Your Old Bras

A Whole New Life For Your Old Bras

a camera pouch or a bra???? you choose..:)

♥ 4
Toilet Roll Pencil Case

Toilet Roll Pencil Case

Recycle empty toilet rolls and make this cute pencil case!

♥ 85
Plush Phone Case

Plush Phone Case

Fall in love with those stuffed animal phone cases? Me too! The price tag however, I do not love.

♥ 18


B.Deyanira.V · 7 projects

Haha thank you
I have to say my fam loved it and they all want one

Crafthazard · San Diego, California, us · 15 projects

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you posted your version :) It look really nice. I love the buttons, nice idea!


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