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Pad Dispenser, Based On The Tampon Dispenser
Cubed Bunny Plush
Heart Plushie!
Paramore Album Inspired Card
Based on Cubed Bunny Plush by aiwa

I'm so happy with how they turned out ^.^ So I made my own version wanted to make bigger ones instead of mini. I really like the bunny best out of the two so cute >.< I'm planning on making a Domo cube as well just need to get the right felt. This was really easy to make its just mostly repetitive sewing so it gets a bit tiresome :P

Hope you like my version ^o^


Amigurumi Bunny 2

Amigurumi Bunny 2

Limme know if you've made one, I'd like to see...

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Cubed Bunny Plush

Cubed Bunny Plush

CUBED bunny plush tutorial

♥ 546
My Freaky Felt Goth/Emo Friends

My Freaky Felt Goth/Emo Friends

All my sweet little freaky friends! It's fun to make friends!

♥ 60
Fat Bunny

Fat Bunny

make a cute little bunny army

♥ 255
Patchwork Friends

Patchwork Friends

Stitchpunk Love

♥ 11
Egg Bunny

Egg Bunny

Hippity, hoppity Easter's on its way!

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