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Cozy and colorful, like a massage for your feet.

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my rug. I hope you like it.

Yeah, a rug, crocheted, made with a lot of circles.

I saw a similar one while pinning with Pinterest (see the credits for Annikaisa on the right). I've made the pattern myself, that's why they don't really look the same.

This is a how-to, so I'll try to explain everything as clearly as possible. I do have to tell you that I'm not really a crocheter.. So it can be that I misused some words. If you don't know what I mean by something or if I made a mistake, just let me know. I can still learn a lot and I can really use the tips.

IMPORTANT: I'll use a big yellow yarn in my How-to. For the real thing I used 3 bolls of purple yarn, by rolling the 3 threads into 1 big boll, you'll get yarn that is bigger and firm enough to make a thick rug.

I hope you like it. If you want to know anything, just let me know.



  1. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 1 1

    Cast on a chain of 15. Make a circle by making one single crochet stitch in the first stitch of the chain.

  2. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 2 2

    Make 30 single crochets through the chain you made. This will make the big border in the middle of the circle.
    In order to get all 30 on there, I suggest you slide every 5 stitches to the beginning. If you won't you can’t get all 30 on there.
    If you're done, make a half crochet through the first v of the circle to complete it.

  3. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 3 3

    Do not make a double, a triple, but a quadruple crochet in that first v of step 2. You can make the crochet stitch bigger if you want to.

    You'll get a thread without stitches when you do this. Don't worry, you won't see it in you project. This will be on the back of your circle.
    Make sure you'll not tighten this thread, but keep it as long as the stitches.

  4. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 4 4

    Leave the quadruple crochet on your needle when you make a triple crochet. Join this one with a half crochet with the one you made in step 3.
    I make the stitches while counting to 4. On 4 I join the two.
    Do this for every all the other v's. Till you get to the end.
    You'll notice that it gets harder to make all triple crochets at the end. Don't worry, you can cheat a bit and make a double crochet.
    When you're done, join the end with the beginning with a half crochet.

  5. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 5 5

    Make 2 single crochets through the space under the v's of the ring.
    Do this all around till you get to the beginning. Join the end with the beginning for the last time with half crochet.

  6. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 6 6

    Just join the begin thread with the end thread at the back of the circle.
    Now you are done with your first circle! :D
    Hopefully you are hooked at this point, because you'll have to make a lot of these circles.

  7. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 7 7

    When you have a lot of circles, you can think about the way you want to lay them out. Try it out before you really join a lot of circles and you then realise that it doesn't work out.

    I joined the circles with the left over threads. Just choose the place you want to join, follow the v's, like you see on the picture. This way you can't really see the joining.

  8. How to make a mat/rug. Crocheted Circles Rug - Step 8 8

    Now comes another fun part: Walk over the rug, so it flattens out.

    I hope you like it :)

    Mine is in my bedroom. Really happy with it.

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