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Northfield, Minnesota, US
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glam up your camper

After seeing a few of these on the internet I knew I could not start my camping season without one of these bad boys! we camp in MN and WI and I have never seen one in real life so here are the basic instructions... I just winged it and measured as I went along.

The BONNIE CRAFT CORD in 2mm is the perfect choice for this project. it is from the hobby lobby and can be found in the "ropes and cords aisle". I used the 2mm size for the colors and a I hook.




  1. How to make a cars. Crochet Spare Tire Cover - Step 1 1

    make yourself a nice flat circle. any stitch pattern, do a doily if you want! I just did rounds of HDC (half double crochet) with standard flat circle increases. (6 increase points)

    when the work started to bunch up, it felt like the increases were not enough to keep up with the growing circle, I just doubled the number of increases. I had to do this at two separate points.

  2. How to make a cars. Crochet Spare Tire Cover - Step 2 2

    at this point I repeatedly took the circle outside to measure against my tire. it is a small spare (a donut) and I kept crocheting until it was as big as the tire (not counting the sides, just the face of the tire)

    you can see I switched to a stretchier more open pattern here. I was a little worried I had waaaay too few stitches so I wanted to increase FAST. the last round here has about twice as many stitches as the picture in step one, but was only about 6 more rounds. it was pretty floppy but once it is installed it stretched out awesome.

  3. How to make a cars. Crochet Spare Tire Cover - Step 3 3

    well here we are. to finish the cover I did several rounds of a mesh pattern.
    mesh foundation row: double in next sc, skip two sc, chain 4, double in next sc (of course substitute whatever you did for the sc in the foundation row)
    subsequent mesh rows: chain 4, dc in chain 4 from previous row, repeat continuously around until desired size.

  4. How to make a cars. Crochet Spare Tire Cover - Step 4 4

    I stopped when I was comfortable with the coverage of the mesh, all the way around the sides of the tire and over the back a couple inches(again stretching it against the tire, each time needing more hands)

    then I wove a cord through the last row of stitches, pulled it REALLY tight and tied a bow.

    I added a second cord in a triangle shape that also ties around the spare tire holder post thing, and tied that really tight.

    then I went back and untied the first bow, pulled it even tighter, finessed the front a bit, pulled some more, and finally tied a pretty secure knot.

    now if I could only make my color changes nicer!

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