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It's cute, it's warm, and it's an easy evening-project!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
This is my first try at making a pattern, so I hope you like it :)

Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Dc = double crochet
Tc = treble crochet
St = stitch
Sl.st = slip stitch

Please read the notes carefully!

*Pattern note: Turn at the end of every row.

*Pattern note 2: I don't mention the length/how many rows to do each
stitch, because this is a matter of preference.

*Pattern pictures note: The piece you see in the pictures is a model made to show spesific stitches. It is in no way a preview of your tie.

*Additional tip: Since it won't show, for the end of your tie you could use tc, instead of dc. This will make you finish your tie faster, but it won't look as tidy.



  • How to make a neck tie. Crochet A Tie - Step 1
    Step 1

    Front of tie:
    You will start your tie making The Wave-stitch.

    Row 1: Ch 16
    Row 2: 2 dc in 3rd st from hook, dc in next 3 st, *dc together next three st* x2 (this will be making the curve), dc in next 3 st, 3 dc in last st.
    Row 3: Ch 3, 2 dc in first st, dc next 3 st, *dc together next three st* x2,

    Continue this until you've reached the desired length from your neck to tummy. If you wish to add stripes to your tie, simply change the color of your yarn while working on the Wave-stitch.

  • How to make a neck tie. Crochet A Tie - Step 2
    Step 2

    After you've reached your chosen length, you will even out your wave.

    To even out the wave: 4 sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, 5 sc.

  • How to make a neck tie. Crochet A Tie - Step 3
    Step 3

    Making the 'tail': *Chain 3 (= 1 dc), dc throughout row, decreasing 1 dc.*
    Repeat *-* the next 4 rows, evenly decreasing 1 dc in each row. You should be left with 9 st.

    Continue making the tail with double crochets (without decreasing) until you've reached the desired length of your tie.

    (Keep in mind that the picture is just to model the stitches, your tie should be much longer by now).

  • How to make a neck tie. Crochet A Tie - Step 4
    Step 4

    Pointed 'tail'tip: Sl.st in first st, sc, hdc, dc, * tc, ch 1, tc* in middle stitch, dc, hdc, sc, sl.st in last st.
    Next row: Skip first st, sl st in 2 next st, 2 sc, *hdc, 1 ch, hdc* in middle st, 2 sc, sl st in next 2 st. Tie off.

  • How to make a neck tie. Crochet A Tie - Step 5
    Step 5

    To make the boarder, simply single crochet around your tie.

    Enjoy your new tie :)

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