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san francisco, CA, United States
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Hot Fresh Tute and Pix 4 Days.

Eleven jump rings - $1.00
One lobster claw clasp - $2.00
Knowing you'll never spend money on your maxed out credit cards again - Priceless.

I can't believe I found creative inspiration from the recession, the credit crunch for you royal subjects, but I did and here's the result. The Credit Crunch Bracelet is a great way to take your credit cards out of rotation, at least for a while.

It's a perfect project for creating a great conversation piece out of old credit cards and perhaps impress the financial goddess that is Suze Orman.

Sure, there are a few things that I already had to finish this project. Namely the disc cutter. I used the largest hole to make the punches, but you can mix it up and add different sizes through out your own bracelet.

And of course I have had way too many credit cards, as well. I only used two cards (for a total of 10 discs), but someone might make a necklace version and use several more. You might also want to use several cards for a variety of designs and patterns.

Here's the disc cutter. (It obviously works on plastic, but also thin metals, I'm tackling aluminum cans next)

(yes it's rusty, but like wrinkles, rust just means it's had an interesting life.)

You could also just use a pair of sharp industrial scissors and cut out of your shapes?

There are a couple different disc cutters out there, but I got my disc cutter here:

I also had hole punches

(I have two versions, but I like the hand held one (blue) because you can see what you are punching)



  1. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 1 1

    First, punch or cut your pieces. It's best to work on a hard surfaces, like a cement floor.

    If you are hand cutting your cards a) be careful and b) trace your design first.

  2. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 2 2

    If you are using a disc cutter, stick the card between the slit and place the punch peg in the hole. Next, hammer the punch peg to make the disc. Think happy thoughts like - NO MORE FINANCE CHARGES FROM YOU!

    Make sure it's a firm strike, don't be weak about it, you want clean sides to your punched piece.

    Here it is...(take that Visa you evil bastard)

    Continue until you have enough discs (don't forget matching earrings - )

  3. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 3 3

    Now punch your holes. You saw the hand held version first, here's the second technique.

  4. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 4 4

    Open your jump rings and begin to make the attachments, if the rings are thin enough you can use your fingers or grab a pair of pliers. Create the connections between each disc.

  5. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 5 5

    Use another pair of pliers to finish the connection.

  6. How to make a bracelet. Credit Crunch Bracelet - Step 6 6

    My father always said credit cards were evil, but I think this bracelet looks rather nice don't you?

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