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Nice 'n' Simple

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, Texas, United States
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crazy quilted art piece

used muslin for the back, like a 1/2 yard. cut scrap pieces contrasting fabric into pieces of people, furniture, etc. cut interfacing about same size or smaller and ironed pieces to fabric people/ furniture. then ironed it to muslin in a picture. then hand sewed/ embroidered the pieces to muslin. this was fun and a bit time consuming, but it is a pic of me and my girls that I made when my youngest was a baby. brings back memories. framed it and it hangs in my room :)


Toilet Paper Roll Decor

Toilet Paper Roll Decor

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Crocheted Skull Pattern

Gothic Skull

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Needle Felting On Cavas Artwork

Needle Felting On Cavas Artwork

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Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art

Fun Paper Cut Art!

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Thumbprint Tree Diy

Thumbprint Tree Diy

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Driftwood Wall Art

Driftwood Wall Art

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