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Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Steno Machines you can wear!

I am a court reporting student and love my machine so much that I wanted to duplicate it to wear as jewelry. I plan to make a few more stenograph machines as I get better...maybe a matching bracelet or earrings.... I have to think of stenography all the time as a court reporting student and this is just perfect!


Clay Pretzel Necklace

Clay Pretzel Necklace

Put a pretzel on it!

♥ 8
Mercat Necklace

Mercat Necklace

Who said cats don't like water, anyway?

♥ 44
Dragon Necklace

Dragon Necklace

dragon with cracked marble necklace

♥ 2
Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant

Experimentation in Fimo :)

♥ 3
Polymer Clay Fairy Necklace

Polymer Clay Fairy Necklace

my first polymer clay necklace :)

♥ 186
Diy Stamped Necklace

Diy Stamped Necklace

A beautiful and simple way to personalize jewlerry

♥ 23



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