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Schluechtern, Hessen, DE
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Susan Sto Helit Cosplay

A costume I made for the Frankfurt Book Fair: It's supposed to be Susan Sto Helit from Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. She's one of my favorite book (and movie, in this case...) characters and I love the clothes she wears in the Hogfather movie, so I simply had to make this costume.
The clothes are all hand-made and I added the black strand to the wig.

I made the pattern for the vest myself, I've used it two times before. The blouse is a burdastyle pattern (Emily), I had to change it a bit. The skirt was made from scratch.



Operation! You're The Doctor!

Operation! You're The Doctor!

Make your own interactive boardgame suit!

♥ 68
Elf/Renaissance Dress

Elf/Renaissance Dress

To the Grey Havens, where we shall take a ship to Valinor and the Undying Lands

♥ 3
Simple Straight Jacket

Simple Straight Jacket

Delightfully Insane Straight Jacket!

♥ 46
Katy Perry Party Dress

Katy Perry Party Dress

Because who doesn't want to be Katy Perry for a night?

♥ 11
Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume

Halloween Costume - Blue Triceratops

♥ 5
Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Costume

Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Costume

I created my own version of the Game of Thrones costume worn by Daenerys in Qarth in Season 2.

♥ 21



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