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Nice 'n' Simple

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London, GB
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COOKIE!!!!!! Matching set for the non jewellery wearer in your life.

This fabulous set of keyring and matching phone charm I made for my brother-in-law for Christmas who doesn't wear any kind of jewellery and there are only so many novelty t-shirts I can buy for him. Luckily he loves the Muppets and Sesame Street and of course collects lettings and loves his technology, so what else could I do but make him a one of a kind keyring and matching phone charm set. Made with cookie monster charms, sliver cookie jar charm, and fimo clay choc chip cookie beads. With a few jump rings, keychain findings and headphone jack plug I created the mini set for very little cost and in under an hour. Fantastic!


Minecraft Bead Creeper Keyring

Minecraft Bead Creeper Keyring

Minecraft Creeper Key Ring

♥ 15
Bead Animals

Bead Animals

Cute little bead animals!!

♥ 19
Adventure Time Keyrings

Adventure Time Keyrings

Best friends keyrings for Adventure Time fans!

♥ 140
Piece Of My Heart Puzzle Keychain

Piece Of My Heart Puzzle Keychain

Easy heart puzzle keychain to give and keep

♥ 26
Necklace Pendant Turned Keychain

Necklace Pendant Turned Keychain

Hold on to that beloved pendant!

♥ 0
Owl Keychains

Owl Keychains

cute little creatures

♥ 55



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