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Pretty Easy

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recycle newspaper, purse, wallet

I had some newspaper lying around and I needed a new wallet. So it hit me, why buy a new wallet when i could just make it :D

So I laid out some comic strips into a wallet shape and taped them together like crazy...and it turned out great!
Then, I needed a purse :)
so i took cardboard and taped it in a basic purse shape, and glued the strips on then put tape over it to make it nicer :D

fun and easy



Knuckle Duster Eyeglass Case Clutch

Knuckle Duster Eyeglass Case Clutch

Inexpensive version/take on Alexander McQueen's clutches.

♥ 185
Magazine Purse

Magazine Purse

A small clutch made from magazine strips

♥ 35
Candy Wrapper Clutch

Candy Wrapper Clutch

Not really made of candy wrappers, but magazine pages

♥ 76
Leather Clutch

Leather Clutch

Leather Clutch Tutorial

♥ 39
Punk Rock Heart Clutch

Punk Rock Heart Clutch

A great no-sew project that will transform you into a punk rock cupid in no time!

♥ 48
The Envelope Bag

The Envelope Bag

A great beginners project.

♥ 136



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