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Version This project is a version of Collaged Cards by belle

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New York City, NY, US
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Based on Collaged Cards by belle

Sewing fabric to paper is easy! My paper is a lightweight cardstock and I used fabric scraps that were too little for quilting. This is heavily inspired by quilting design. I used a few different stitches as well. Also, I made the envelope by taking apart an envelope I liked and tracing it. I lined the inside with a magazine page to make it shiny and colored. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cherry Blossoms Card

Cherry Blossoms Card

Make an all-occasion card to celebrate spring!

♥ 7
Glitter Writing

Glitter Writing

How to make glitter writing that won't come off without expensive supplies

♥ 4
Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards

♥ 2
Floppy Disc Card

Floppy Disc Card

Easy to make floppy card.

♥ 184
Awesome Newspaper Cards/Envelopes

Awesome Newspaper Cards/Envelopes

A fun and easy way to recycle your newspaper!

♥ 25
Paper Doll Card

Paper Doll Card

I love you this many!

♥ 34



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