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Take Grandma's Old Clip-On Earrings and Convert Them into a Funky Ring

I have a bunch of clip-on earrings from the 1950s from my grandmother's collection and from estate sales. To give the clip-on earrings a new life, I clipped off the backs with pliers and clippers, then used a really strong adhesive to attach the front part of the earring to an adjustable ring base. Voila! It's a funky vintage ring.


Tiny Spike Ring

Tiny Spike Ring

Make a tiny spike ring

♥ 1
Keyboard Ring

Keyboard Ring

Turn an old unused keyboard in to a geeky accessory.

♥ 500
Treble Clef Ring

Treble Clef Ring

A must-have for musicians!

♥ 161
Rick Rack Rings

Rick Rack Rings

Make some Rick Rack Rings in minutes with this tutorial!

♥ 793
Herringbone Weave Ring

Herringbone Weave Ring

Easy ring made using the herringbone weave.

♥ 200
Biscuit And Cream Strawberry Ring

Biscuit And Cream Strawberry Ring

A cute, kawaii ring/brooch :)

♥ 195



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