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Wylie, Texas, United States
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removes stains and odors

I wanted to store my foot fizzies in a pimento jar, but the lid stunk! I washed it, boiled it, soaked it in baking soda and vinegar - nothing worked to remove the smell.
I searched online and they said pickle and marinara sauce wouldn't go away - ha! someone else begs to differ ;)



  1. How to make a cleaning product. Clean Lids - Step 1 1

    wash your lid to get the big stuff off.

  2. How to make a cleaning product. Clean Lids - Step 2 2

    place your lid outside in the sun where it won't be disturbed.
    pour hydrogen peroxide in the lid up to the top to make sure you cover any smelly/stained area.

  3. How to make a cleaning product. Clean Lids - Step 3 3

    let it sit and bubble in the sun for a few hours until it's looking whiter.
    you might need to refill the peroxide if it's too hot and it evaporates, so just check it every now and then to make sure everything you loosened up isn't baking back on.

  4. How to make a cleaning product. Clean Lids - Step 4 4

    it might still look like it has residue in it, but that'll wipe away when you wash it.
    if it still have an odor, just refill and let it sit longer.

    I love sniffing my sunbleached lids - it's such a nice clean scent!

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