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Nice 'n' Simple

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Clearwater, FL, United States
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An elegant twist to cameos

I found some of these cameos on ebay. I instantly fell in love with them and had to have them. The cameo alone didn't quite standout and I wanted to showcase the cameo. So I found some teardrop light gray faux pearls (12 mm) and used a wire wrapping technique to turn them into drops. I picked this color because it seemed to go with the faded cameo and make the necklace look more vintage than it was. :-) I centered the cameo on necklace to center link and hooked it with a jump ring. Then counted out spaces evenly to connect pearl drops centered on each side of cameo. A little bit of work but I love this necklace. I wear it when I dress up or even just to dress up a black tshirt :-)

The only tool I used for this project was a pair of round nose pliers.



Fused Glass Pendants
Gemmen >

Fused Glass Pendants

These I wear. Others have either been unsuccessful or I have given as gifts.

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Skull Cameo Tile Pendant
Cameos >

Skull Cameo Tile Pendant


♥ 0
How To Make A Fimo Cameo (How To Make A Fimo Mold)
Cameos >

How To Make A Fimo Cameo (How To Make A Fimo Mold)

sick of looking for the right cameo? make your own on a buget.

♥ 313
Cameo Necklaces
Cameos >

Cameo Necklaces

Lovely and Victorian!

♥ 36
Fimo/Resin Charms
Cameos >

Fimo/Resin Charms

Fancy-pancy necklaces. :3

♥ 8
Necklace With Big Goat Skull Pendant
Gemmen >

Necklace With Big Goat Skull Pendant

Fimo goat skulls on a leather rope

♥ 24



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