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Rock Falls, Illinois, US
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Using Citra Solv (organic orange cleaner) to transfer photocopied images to fabric

Citra Solv is not only the best smelling kitchen cleaner (yup, smells like oranges) but makes the most OUTSTANDING medium to transfer photo copied images to fabric. And, it's washable and even bleachable on the fabric :)


And if images don't transfer dark enough for your liking, look up my project called "Citra Solv: Failure To Success Don't Give Up" here at CO+K



  1. How to use a printing techniques. Citra Solv Fabric Transfer Method - Step 1 1

    1. Showing all the supplies you need to make the Citra Solv Concentrate transferred images

    Place your *PHOTO COPIED images (IMPORTANT: NOT ink jet print- it will NOT work. Must be a photo copy or laser copy. The Citra Solv works with the TONER of a photo copy NOT ink in a printer.), image side down on the fabric and tape down with masking tape etc.. must make sure it doesn't slide around.

    2. Put a SMALL amount of CONCENTRATED Citra Solv onto a cotton ball (few drops, use more as needed. You will not be soaking the paper- but this was a larger image, so I needed several more drops of CS on my cotton ball for the plate image). Once the image is completely covered....

    3. Rub the image area completely, with the back of a kitchen spoon. Use firm pressure but make SURE the image doesn't move at all, or tear the paper. You don't need to use bruit force. It also only takes a few seconds of rubbing.

    4. Gently lift the paper up (carefully) to see that the image is transferring nicely. (It won't be 100% perfect in EVERY spot, but that's okay too- it's unique--just like YOU!) and your mouth will drop open like this! (My DD the first time I showed her this technique) and when you are happy (trust me, you will be AMAZED) remove the paper and sighhhh with satisfaction.

    5. Here's the finished piece, ready to craft with

    6. (not shown) Now go call, email and text all of your crafty friends and gush about your new FAVORITE craft medium.

    Oh, and BTW, it's 100% WASHABLE! No need to "set it" with an iron or anything!!

    How cool! Now don't you feel "smarticle"?

  2. 2

    NOTE: If your image doesn't transfer dark enough, you might have come across a problem I have, and came up with this solution. View my other project here at CO+K called "Citra Solv: Failure To Success Don't Give Up"

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