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Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
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for David who is a real workman

That´s a fun thing to do! Try it out!

Print a picture and copy it on the chopping board by edging it with a pen so the lines of the picture are on the chopping board.
Follow the lines on the chopping board with the soldering iron.

The screw was tricky and I´m not quite pleased with it.


Tea Wheel

Tea Wheel

somewhere to store those herbal/fruit teas!!!

♥ 8
Vw Toaster Bus

Vw Toaster Bus

It's a's a's a toaster bus!

♥ 16
Fridge Makeover

Fridge Makeover

Renters unite in the spirit of DIY!

♥ 0
Rockin' Reusable Water Bottle

Rockin' Reusable Water Bottle

Spice up your plain reusable water bottle and make it rockin'!

♥ 1
Diy Yellow Polka Dot Pitcher

Diy Yellow Polka Dot Pitcher

Make a cute yellow polka dot pitcher to use as a vase (or in my case, to hold paint brushes)

♥ 2
Homemade Juicer

Homemade Juicer

kinda nice if you don't have a juicer...

♥ 11



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