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Wolverhampton, England, GB
A quick and simple choker

I made this choker a few years ago for a Halloween party.
I cut of and sew a piece of material from an old dress felt belt and measured it to the size of my neck leaving extra room to tie at the back (I didn't have a button or chain to add to the back)
Then i found some old costume earrings and pulled off the gems and sew them on.
Then you just put on and tie around your neck, i had long hair which hid the knot at the back.
And hey presto your done :) Hope you like it.


Oriental Inspired Set

Oriental Inspired Set

A few simple techniques have been combined to show how easy jewellery making can be.

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Hot Glue Blood Dripping Necklace

Hot Glue Blood Dripping Necklace

Blood dripping

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Beautiful Gothic Chokers

Beautiful Gothic Chokers

For a Gothic Themed Wedding : Leather, Chainmaille and Sparkling Red Charmed Broaches

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90s Tattoo Choker

90s Tattoo Choker

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Goth Collar

Goth Collar

really gothic collar of velvet and lace

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Knotted Choker

Knotted Choker

Simple summer necklace project. Super cheap to make and done in 15 minutes!

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