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My mom got me this pendant for Christmas. I decided to go with the pink beads as opposed to red beads like I originally was thinking.


Beaded Locket

Beaded Locket

Inspired by 100 beaded flowers,charms& trinkets by Amanda Brooke, and Murr-hinson

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Diy Statement Necklace

Diy Statement Necklace

I love all things trendy and statement necklaces are no exception. What better way to rock such a huge fun necklace than on a special occasion.

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Clay Locket

Clay Locket

Perfect for gifts!

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Chandelier Crystal Necklace

Chandelier Crystal Necklace

Make a great statement necklace with a thrifted chandelier crystal!

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Diy :  Grapes Pendent

Diy : Grapes Pendent

its a pendent which is made of just thin copper wires and green fake pearl beads

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Make A Stunning Crystal Necklace In A Super Easy Way

Make A Stunning Crystal Necklace In A Super Easy Way

Make a stunning crystal necklace in a super easy way

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