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Baubles for Your Mobile Phone

Cell charms are fun pieces of jewelry that dangle from a cellphone. This project is also a great way to use up any extra beads you have lying around, or showcase your vintage finds in a new way. This cute vintage owl cell charm, as created by jewelry designer Kris Nation, takes less than 10 minutes to make!



  1. How to make a phone charm. Cell Charms - Step 1 1

    Take the straight pin and string the beads, starting with the small round bead, so that the two smaller beads nest the larger one.

  2. How to make a phone charm. Cell Charms - Step 2 2

    Create a small loop approximately ½ inch before the top bead, using your round-nose pliers to twist the wire of the straight pin. Loop the wire twice around the pin and top bead tightly. Clip off the excess straight pin wire with your wire cutter.

  3. How to make a phone charm. Cell Charms - Step 3 3

    Using both pliers, one in each hand, hold the jump ring of the mobile phone holder. Open the jump ring, with one hand twisting towards you and the other hand twisting away. Place finished charm inside the jump ring and close the ring securely.

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