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Glitter Bow Pasta Garland

How to make a sweet glitter garland from pasta bows

♥ 3
Modern Quilted Blanket

Make It Your Own

♥ 3
Cube Bookends

Make It Your Own

♥ 12
Hand Quilted Lavender Sachets

Ever want to try hand quilting? Start out with these simple lavender filled sachets.

♥ 6
Doily Angels

simple fun project

♥ 2
Water Colour Event Card

Great for home-made burthday, invatation, aniversary and thank you cards!

♥ 0
Pretty Little Jar

♥ 1
Recover Garden Swing

♥ 0
Resist Flower Card

♥ 0
Memory Lane Pillow Top

Use up your fabric stash to make this wavy pillow top.

♥ 3
Tiny Micro Drums

The littlest drum kit I've ever seen - my own one.

♥ 28
Toddlers Shoe Holder

easy painting to make a new shoe holder

♥ 0
Box Shelves

Salvage, Recreate, and decorate! :D

♥ 5
Foot Stool

♥ 2
Vintage Lavender Bag

Make your Knickers and Panties smell divine!

♥ 1
Felt Marigold

Fabric Blooms

♥ 5
Paris Travel Journal

Use washi tape to make and add pockets to any journal.

♥ 26
Watercolor Stripe Cards

Easy homemade stationery

♥ 2
Birch Bark Leaves

Crafting with Nature

♥ 1
Diy Fabric Flowers

Fresh flowers are nice, but DIY flowers are forever!

♥ 2
A Secret Book ^ ^

a old book to a secret book c:

♥ 5
Hello Kitty Hama Bead Pot

Keep your stuff in this cute, fun and easy pot!

♥ 7
Washi Tape Twist Ties

Dress up your tech!

♥ 2
Ornaments From Lids

Reinvent your Recyclables

♥ 10
Hinged Trellis For Beans

Give busy beans something to do!

♥ 1
Gnomes With Bendy Hats

Because gnomebody can predict whether it's a bendy hat day, or not.

♥ 8
Festive Table Runner

A festive, homemade touch that will last through the seasons

♥ 3
Wood Photo Transfer Ornaments

Wood photo transfers get a rustic Christmas look

♥ 9
Diy Clock

Turning back time with a vintage tin clock

♥ 4
Kitty Blanket

♥ 0
Pink And Black Stripes

love stripes!

♥ 0
Puppy Blanket

♥ 0
Baby Mobile

♥ 0
Pine Cone Skiers

great little Christmas gift ideas

♥ 1
Mrs. Patmore's Canisters Diy

Make Mrs. Patmore's canisters from Downton Abbey

♥ 4
Industrial Wall Lamp (Under $40!)

Learn how to make (and wire) this jute-wrapped cord light

♥ 16
Tin Can Hanging Planter

Giving trash a new life

♥ 19
Diy Quick Gold Leaf Mirror Upgrade

Dress up a full-length mirror with one coat of paint!

♥ 0
Diy Tripod Floor Lamp

Make your own West Elm Inspired Floor Lamp

♥ 5
Diy Grommet Top Curtains

Make your own bold stripe curtains with grommet tops (no fancy tools required.)

♥ 4
Side Table Makeover / Ikea Hack

Personalize your side table with your handwriting

♥ 4
Groovy Ghan

Crochet a groovy ghan

♥ 25
Day Of The Dead Calavera Skull Decoration

Great decoration for Day of the Dead or Halloween!

♥ 1
Diy Painted Pillows

Add color and pattern on a budget!

♥ 1
How To Make A Jewelry Hanger From A Cork Board!

I believe if you don't see something, you won't wear it. Things need to be out and organized of they will just collect dust, rings will get lost and necklaces will tangle.

♥ 4

♥ 3
The Trick To A Perfect Gallery Wall

Get a perfect gallery wall without too many nail holes with these simple steps.

♥ 4
Wildflower Centerpiece

4 simple steps to a beautiful centerpiece

♥ 2
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